Eaten bread is forgotten…baking bread is always remembered




A second last bread bake included Focaccia which for me is always a winner…have a tissue ready for your dribbles 😉

May Pan was four focaccia , blueberry buns, another weird jelly treat and some crispy cookies.

There is mashed potatoe powder in the focaccia, ‘weird?’…I thought that too. But don’t diss it till you’ve baked it. Yea it’s amazing. The blueberry buns have blueberry syrup, which will be tricky enough to find but worth the hassle. The blue buns are also topped with a ‘topping’ layer and the left over ‘topping’ mixture makes cheapo cookies.

Focacia before, durings, after;

Egg glazing the 'before' Focaccia


I need one of these at home, I resorted to using a make-up brush last week (an un-used one of coure)



Next is dem berryblue buns


Blueberry buns with topping .


The topping is soft, slightly sticky and sweet, the inside is half between a soft muffin and bready bread.


BB Bread Buns


Left over topping mix


With the left over topping mix you make the below (image) from the above…we didn’t expect such intense expanding so it was more like one giant holy cooky instead of lots of minis, regardless we tore em up and devoured them worryingly fast!

Topping Cookies


Half Way


Macha Tea Jelly


On top of the macha green jelly is in fact more jelly...not ice cubes


Pan Class wouldnt be complete without some crazy jelly treat. This one was fairly gritty from the macha tea that settled on the bottom, but regardless it was rather refreshing as a dessert. Of course the ‘An Beans’ made their way into the dessert in some way, this time used as a sprinkled sweet flavor to contrast the cool jelly.


2 thoughts on “Eaten bread is forgotten…baking bread is always remembered

  1. Maybe we will start the cherry lawn baking emporium as well.
    Just rememeber to bring home lots of unsual tins, cases and of course the receipes. j

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