Yokohama, Aomori

Rape Seed Blossom at Yokohama

Yokohama Rape Blossom…yes unfortunately that is what they call it, ‘Rape Blossom’. Pretty unfortunate name alright but it is pretty damn beautiful so you forget about the dreadful translation quickly. It is in fact ‘Rape Seed Blossom’ that they produce rape seed oil from, but that’s not what they call it. I’m not sure why they dropped the vital ‘seed’ in the name but sure that’s how it goes.

Rape Seed Blossom at Yokohama

Yokohama town is about half way up the west side of the Shimokita peninsula which is East Aomori. On a weekend road trip to Shimokita we passed through Yokohama on the return leg to stop and view the Rape Blossom. The country-side for the majority of the journey is rolling green hills, mountains and fields and then without any gradual notice or warning there is an almighty burst of yellow, the brightest and most amazing of yellows. It was rainy and grey when we hit this booming yellow, at first we were disappointed it wasn’t lovely and sunny for us to frolic among these sweet smelling lovely’s but I think it worked to our advantage (they do in fact smell fantastic) .The yellow was even more beautiful with the grey clouds and misty atmosphere, it stood out like a beacon of hope. Fields and fields of yellow could be seen in strips beaming out among misty grey green clouds and fields. Yellow is such an understated color, so powerful.

Rape Seed Blossom at Yokohama

Rape Seed Blossom at Yokohama

Rice Paddy Field Yokohama

Yokohama has fantastic ‘Rape (seed) Blossom’ which is a proud thing to be famous for, not only does it pretty much own the color yellow but it has THE best doughnuts going. I would almost call myself an anti-doughnut person, they’re just not my thing but these little warm beauties I scoffed and munched barely lifting my head for the yellow fields. This delicious (tofu made) doughnut shop was 110% worth the pit stop. For all the anti-tofu people out there, don’t shy away it’s not like drinking wheat grass or anything horribly healthy like that. The tofu in them is probably what every other doughnut in this world is missing.

Tofu Doughnuts Yokohama

Tofu Doughnuts

Tofu Doughnut Sugar

Don't miss this place!


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