Sayonara Pan Sensei


Pan Sensei and Sonomi-Chan


We started last October as bread lovers eager to soak up some skills, and it ended last week on June16th. With bigger bellies and a huge respect to the bread bakers of this world we owe our wiser heads (and hands) to our wonderful Pan Sensei. It was a sad occasion as we took our last full baskets of bread and drove away from that amazing smelling house.

Our Pan Sensei is what we will miss the most, we can study the notes and we know that practice is all we need to do right now. Our teacher though taught us so much more than just bread recipes. She took us in like wandering ducks and helped us understand not only about bread tricks but she opened up her house and gave us an insight into a true Japanese lifestyle. She was our Japanese mammy.


Almond Cookies




Almond Cookies





Almond Cookies


As we drove away not knowing when we would ever meet this wonderful lady again, we spotted sparkles running down her cheeks, it is truly a rare and touching site to see a Japanese person cry. Even with the wonderful memories I have taken from these classes, I left a little heartbroken.


English Muffins


English Muffins


English Muffins


French Cheese Bread


French Ham Pan



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