HipHop Sayonara


Hiphop Class 2010-2011 (Sonomi and Jackie visited for the farewell)

Another painful goodbye came and passed this week. Monday night I actually thought it was our second last hiphop class but I got robbed of the extra week and had the sad sad occasion by surprise.

This dance class was something that without a doubt made Mondays the best day of the week, including weekends. Gone are the ‘I hate Mondays’… Sunday evenings were great too as it was when I religiously and eagerly packed my bag. To have an exciting focus like this during the dark winter months helped me stay sane and made me very happy.  I will remember every single class with a big smile.

Rui and sisters Misaki and Yuka

Me and Misaki

Our class mates went from shy non-English talkers to our best friends, it may have taken 3 terms but now we are all great mates.

Nicole and little Yuka

With regards to actual dancing ability I improved most definitely but I’m still really really bad , we stood out 1) for being way to white and tall 2) for being far too stiff, but still they welcomed us as if we were hiphop queens.

Rui one of the girls is somebody who it will kill me to leave, she is an amazing kid. I will miss her more than anything and anyone. She visits me several times a week at my desk in school, checking if I have enough food (force feeding me her lunch), if I’m happy in my house, is my supervisor taking good care of me?

She wants to come to Ireland some day and I hope with all my heart that she does.

Our hiphop sensei was very upset to see us go but made us promise we would sneak into the beginning of the next term once or twice and join in without paying, pretty sound of her. We’ll bring them pressies and watch but its probably best we retire from the insane dancing and let the class go back to its usual speed and skill!

This class is something that made my year here in Aomori so special.

Sayonara Byebye


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