Fight Fight, Aomori 10k

Jackie, Allie, myself, Nicole and Sonomi at Aomori Marathon Opening Ceremony


Aomori 10k marathon was last Sunday, the first weekend of July. It was a great way to start a fresh month, a little run around the city with hundreds of others slogging along with you.

I ran it handcuffed to Allie, not sure why, just because we thought it would be a great idea and we wanted to do it together as a team. We made a great team. Our aim was to complete it under the hour and we crossed the finish line at 57mins, job done.

Trickier than you would think though running with somebody of about the same fitness…I realized I like to set a steady pace for the first half and then once I reach half way I step it up for the last 5k. Allie does exactly the opposite, she slogs herself for the first half and then prefers to slow the last 5k. It felt very odd only having half the control but we found a happy medium eventually after some awkward handcuff moments.

Team Han-Allie before the handcuffs

It was a really lovely way to enjoy the city and its people. Throughout the run we were encouraged and cheered by kids on bikes, grannies in wheelchairs, water station school kids and plenty of crazy photographers. I found it very funny when people shouted ‘fight, fight’ at us, pretty confusing encouragement but it’s actually the direct translation of ‘Gambatte’ which is more like ‘good luck’ than ‘fight’…well we hope they meant good luck anyways!

Sonomi and Allie checking the route

When we got our certificates it gave us our time, the date, the temp and told us Sunday morning was 92% humidity, that’s 8% away from pure wet? Felt horribly hot and that 92% is probably why. Does that mean I almost ran in water?

Takeshi Eguchi photo of us all after the run!


3 thoughts on “Fight Fight, Aomori 10k

  1. Hi! I found this blog post via a Google search for this race. I’m coming to Japan next summer to visit my brother. I’m a runner, so I want to do a race while I’m there. Where can I find out more about this race? I can’t seem to find an official website.


    • Hi Cassie,

      I signed up for this by picking up a leaflet in the local post office. It isn’t advertised until about 2months before the race and the only way to sign up is with the form. You would have to get your brother who is in Japan to get you the form, as far as I know there is no website ect.
      Hope this helps,
      Good Luck

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