Returning to Hakkoda

Hakkoda July 2011

Mt.Hakkoda was a highlight, a huge positive plus for living in snowy Northern Japan. Despite the difficulties of the winter here living an hour from this amazing place made all that snow a good thing. A very good thing.

Myself and Allie spent many a weekend flying up and down this epic ski slope (sound very under-stated calling it a slope). Every time was better than the last, we had just two direct routes to choose from yet each weekend we returned was so different from the last. The landscape had changed with the drifting snow, more snow fell and fell, clouds cleared/ covered views, it was like skiing a different mountain every time. The snow was perfect in every way, pure perfect powder. I will miss Hakkoda and that powder dearly.


Our love for snowy Hakkoda-San lives strong and since the snow had melted we were nervous to see did we love the green mountain as much? So we returned last weekend for a hike on the hills.

Driving to Hakkoda-San

It was a different world up there, nothing looked the same and we were completely lost without the white comfort blanket. It is magically beautiful but we are white team players for sure and we missed that miserable old snow.

I rooted up some of the old snowy photos to try and show the extreme difference between winter and summer Hakkoda, quite amazing!

Hakkoda-San Gondola Ride



Allie at Hakkoda-San

We were devastated to see that it wasn’t infact a unicorn with hoop earings…

Hakkoda San

Sayonara Hakkoda no doubt I will dream about you for the rest of my life, we love you.

Hakkoda San


One thought on “Returning to Hakkoda

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