Draw Your Cute Friend

Students Drawing


The Japanese are neat and cute in every way. The clothes they wear, the lunch boxes they make, the cars they drive, the way they talk and bow and sit so quiet and peacefully. They are a nation of a lower height average which automatically adds to being cute. Japanese love making documents and they adore the stationary that goes with the document making. Folders, pens and clips are not boring, they are AMAZINGLY fun…and cute. I’ll never belong to this world, as I said before I’m too tall and probably too load and there is also a good chance I am too messy, but I can sit tall on the outside and admire it with so much love and appreciation.

I have always enjoyed drawing but here watching the students draw pictures almost gives me more joy then drawing myself, they draw lines that match and make perfect pictures. A fifteen minute exercise last week was to draw you friend that you just interviewed and wrote a profile about. Look at these beauties….

Nishi koko Students


Nishi koko StudentsNishi koko Students


Nishi koko Students