Journey of Japan is split into two blogs as the photo capacity has hit max.

This blog is Part Two.

I was an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) for the JET programme from June 2010 unitl June 2011. I lived in Japan for a year, way up the north of Japan’s main island, in a rural city called “Aomori” which translates to “The Blue Forest”.

This blog is something I have made for my friends and family but also for me, it is something I will look back on in years to come. A diary of my year ofadventures in Japan.


For part one of Journey Of Japan please follow the link below


Email contact; hannah_leggett@hotmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hannah, I found your blog searching for news about Aomori City. I was a JET teacher at Aomori Nishi Koko from 1995 to 1996. I have been searching for information about the tsunami and earthquake and wondered how close they got to Aomori-shi. My maiden name is Kelly Todd. Are you guys okay? Are you able to get food and water? What are the conditions there like? You and everyone else are in our prayers. -Kelly

    • wow haha no way, thats amazing!
      Sorry I only just logged onto my blog havent posted in ages and just saw this now!
      We got bad earthquakes, Hachinohe got a tsunami but over all we were extremly lucky. The city has been experiencing food/fuel shortages and electricity shortages but everyone is trying to settle back into life. I actually left a few days after the big earthquake and came home to Ireland because of the scare with the power plant but am planning to return soon.

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